Containing Kegan

Peggy and Steve Kraemer of Knapp, WI reached out to me to help them with serious aggression issues that their 14 year old Westie, Keegan (pictured) was showing towards their new Westie puppy, Nori (not pictured).  The Kraemer's had had several dogs over the years and never experienced an situation like this with any of them until now.  Thus, they were at a loss.  Not only that, but Nori was an extremely HIGH energy puppy.  This is why I have a "Matchmakers - Finding the Right Dog for You" Service.  If I can help people attain the right dog at the onset, it will eliminate a vast percentage of issues that can come up in the years that follow.  Kegan was very territorial, possessive of  Steve and had become the Leader of the family's Pack due to overly lenient ownership by the Kraemer's.  The Pack Leadership had inadvertently been turned over to Kegan and the Kraemer's needed to get that back for things to  become harmonious and safe.


I set up a full protocol for Kegan over the 4+ hour Session and 3 hour session that ensued.  Nori would receive the same protocol but obviously pared down to accommodate her young age and size. This included a Structured Walk twice a day keeping Kegan at their side, exiting and entering the door before Keegan bolted out ahead, finessing the obedience commands, switching owners often so that Keegan could become loyal to Peggy as well as Steve.  Any growling, snarling or charging at Nori or Peggy by Kegan would be instantly met with a cupped hand pop and a sharp "NO!".  (This technique is not hitting).  The pop can also be administered by a quick tug and release of the leash if there is one on him.  If that did not do the job, then Kegan would be laid down quickly on his side and restrained with a hand at the neck/throat (the area of submission on a dog) and one hand on the hip to prevent scrambling out of the restraint.  Once Kegan settled down, they could release him gently with no communication.  This is not a punishment, it is a correction and receives neither chastisement or affection.  It is referred to as the Dominance Position. Also part of the protocol were dog brain challenge games found on You Tube, having feeding time as an event 2x's a day as opposed to an all day smorgasbord and being the initiators and not the obedient followers. 


I meet many dog owners that spend a lot of time telling me what a good dog they have, however, they do call me for a reason and it's not because of the good things.  I need owners to face reality and see that there is danger in what their dogs are doing, especially when serious aggression is involved.  If these owners will pursue the path of the protocol I establish for them as we work together, they will see the eradication of the dysfunctional behavior that is present in the family where their dogs are involved.  I do believe the Kraemer's have the potential to see the turn around they need to make for Nori to be safe and for the two dogs to cohabitate amicably. 


(Written by Candiss)


Adding Addy

Breanne Waterhouse and Chris Haubrich were in need of some assistance for their newly adopted shelter rescue dog.  A 5 year old, husky-shepherd mix, Addy was exhibiting aggressive behavior towards other dogs and couldn't be trusted, which was hindering their neighborhood walks and hiking excursions.  The BHD Service definitely made an overall improvement.  It was very noticeable from the first Session to the next.  Addy was much more amicable towards me on the second visit.  Before walking her past the 3 houses who's dog's irritated Addy the most, we took her for over a  1/2 mile Structured Walk to drain the excess, nervous energy that had been pent up in her and then put her in a  Dominance Position on her side on the ground before passing the 3 yards.  It made a big difference and enabled Breanne, who had the leash at that time, to  control her much more readily.  The couple was impressed with the improvement.   I told them to keep up this protocol until they didn't need it anymore.  It would improve as they continued to  implement it.  The Structured Walk always stays on a daily basis, but the Dominance Position is only as needed and is unusually a means to an end.


I do want to address something at this point:  This couple decided to get a dog at a time in their  life when things were already gearing up with much to divert their attention.  They both have full time jobs and Chris was about to travel.  Breanne had recently started school full time at a local University and her attention was stretched thin.  A new dog is going to present some issues and need time and attention getting properly adapted, as well as confronting and eradicating the attached issues.  There are better times than others to attain a new dog and this was not one of them.  I have left these two with the protocol they need to unravel the  issues that Addy has been presenting to them.  If they make a concerted joint effort,  they will have a dog they can both trust and enjoy.

(This portion written by Candiss)

Racin' Rocko

Nine month old Rocko was more of a handful than owner Christine Diaz and son Jake of Baldwin, WI were expecting.  Corgis are a herding dog and have high speed capacity, but this one lived with his new humans in the confines of a two bedroom duplex.  These owners were expecting a lap dog.  Well, surprise! Not. Soooo, we began the Session with the "Innate Make up of a Dog" teaching time so I could help them understand what made this little guy tick and how to be the Pack Leader and not the followers that Rocko had inadvertently turned them into.  He did very well on the Structured Walk and I was impressed when Jake suggested that he get his bike out and let Rocko run along beside him.  I showed him how to safely do that and Rocko picked up on it immediately, loving every step of the way.


Once inside again, we worked on corrective and preventative measures to take to eradicate the unwanted behaviors that Rocko was presenting, primarily  demanding their attention in annoying and destructive ways.  They needed to be very consistent in persevering with the Obedience Commands.  I left them with everything they needed to make it work.  


I want to make it clear that when a Dog Behaviorist or Trainer is called in to straighten out a difficult canine situation in the home it is up to the OWNERS to make it work for the long haul.  We, as professionals, can guarantee that when we are there carrying out our assignment, that it will be excellent and we will accomplish our mission.  The final outcome is in the hands of the owners to be the responsible party to carry out the protocol that was taught and left for them.  Aside from the Curriculum, the outline and the Resource Packet that I leave with them, I make myself available to the owners for trouble shooting for the lifetime of an adult dog or up to 1 year for a puppy so they never have to feel alone in the journey.

(This portion written by Candiss)

Casual Casper and Amicable Alphie

The Pederson's called me out for an overbearing Lab-Dane mix named Casper who primarily belonged to their daughter, Alecia, a soft energy young woman.  There was also a new addition to the family...a nervous, fear aggressive Cocker Spaniel named Alphie who had moved in with the family's son, Phil, after they had made the appointment.  There was some acclimating to do there, but I found this family was very focused and dedicated which impressed me and made the session a successful one.  The Structured Walks helped the dogs the most and they calmed down and fell in line readily.  We walked them separately to eliminate as much distraction as possible.  Alphie needed repeated Dominance Positioning  on his side held in restraint by Phil's, hands.  All of this aided us in draining the two dog's nervous, excess energy.  There had been resource guarding on Caspers part towards Alphie, so I showed them how to properly do the feeding time as a Food Event, keeping Alphie in another room for now, so as to avoid an incident.  By the end of the first session, the dogs were both so calm that Casper could hardly hold his eyes open and his head up!


In the Follow Through Through appointment, we did some refining and trouble shooting.  I needed to get Alecia's energy to become more confident and assertive in order to be Casper's Pack Leader/Owner and not perceived by him as a "toy".  When I came in that day, the dogs were quiet and polite as opposed to charging the door and barking aggressively when I came in the first Session. they were also getting along much better.  Alphie was notably more calm and appeared to be adapting well thanks to Phil's overseeing and commitment.  I gave the family directives to do the prescribed work as a team to get the "velcro" off of the dogs from their respective owners and expand to trusting and engaging with the other family members for a more balanced  life.  If this family continues on with the protocol that I set for them, they will enjoy the harmony that they hired me to come out for.  It's all up to them, but they do have Casper's lifetime to contact me via text, phone or email whenever they need me.  A big perk that I add on to my client's list of benefits when they hire me.


Alecia, Phil, Becky and Tom Peterson

Deer Park, WI

(Testimony written by Candiss)

No N0 Nova

Nova entered our home as an eight week old puppy. As time went on and she grew into her English Mastiff body, it became apparent that the role of head of household was tipping in her direction.  Reactivity with family cats, wildlife, dogs and other people outside our family was seemingly getting worse.  I met Candiss at a ribbon cutting in Baldwin and I knew right away when I met her she was the one we needed.  The first session at our house was spent teaching our family how to regain the role of authority.  We saw a huge change in behavior immediately following the first learning session by incorporating the structured walk, obedience commands, play time and making food an event instead of free feeding.  The change we saw in  Nova's demeanor was amazing.  She was more calm, listened better and obeyed more quickly than the stubborn, listen-when-she-wanted to pup we had prior to Candiss’ visit.   I highly recommend Candiss and her services. She left us with the tools and knowledge we needed to shape great behavior patterns in our furry loved one.


Your help was an absolute gift to our family.

Clayton, WI

Mild Murray

This BHD case was rectified by the basic 5 step protocol that I always follow:

1) The Innate Make up of a Dog Training 

2) The Structured Walk

3 & 4) Behavior problems and their appropriate corrections

5) A Day in the Life of a Dog


The off balance combination of a very calm family and an overbearing dog was the issue here.  Through the above protocol I was able to turn that around.  The Gilbertson’s 2 teens were very polite.  Their daughter, Abby emitted a gentle softness made her a target for Murray to jump up, mouth and hump her.   She treated Abby as a toy.  I needed for Abby to exert calm assertive energy, not run away like she was doing, which only increased the unwanted behavior that Murray was exhibiting.


Changing your energy and authority level is not easy, but this family rose to the occasion fairly well after the 2nd session.  They fulfilled all of my instructions, put daily Structured Walks with a dog backpack on Murray, conducting obedience commands, visits to a pond with friends who had dogs that loved water which enabled Murray to experience water fun, too, rather than be afraid of it.  All of this even transferred over to Murray being a more respectful dog able to travel in the family vehicle with much reduced anxiety and no more nausea.  She even became able to be home alone starting with short periods of the family’s absence and not suffer with great separation anxiety.  


It is quite remarkable how effective just draining your dog’s nervous energy with the Structured Walk, giving them mental challenges  and using your calm assertive energy to set boundaries that you are willing to keep will eradicate most of what they are doing that has been causing you difficulties.



Nova's New Home

Nova was an unpredictably dog aggressive Great Dane who was being fostered by the Drinkman's, who were considering adopting her.  First I gave the Innate Make Up of a Dog training to the Drinkman's to help them understand why it was important and so effective to use this style of Balanced Training.  This was followed by The Structured Walk activity, going in and out of the door first and a Dominance Ritual that was necessary while we were about 3 blocks away from home.  We found that Nova was so easily distracted that we needed to keep her closer to home for the first session of walking.  


As the day progressed she was doing so well that I was able to get her to make friends with the vacuum cleaner.  She had been displaying severe fear aggression towards it whenever it was being used.  I instructed them to conduct the Food Events right next to the vacuum cleaner, so that Nova could make a connection with it as a pleasurable one. They marveled that we could accomplish all of this in one day. I was able to get Nova to exhibit respect to the cat.  I also taught the Drinkman's how to challenge Nova’s mind with use of having her use a dog back pack and games that would enable her to utilize her intelligence as well as create mental draining of nervous energy.


On Session II we reviewed, refined the established protocol and got Nova walking amicably with a neighbor dog that she had been at odds with.  The neighbor dog, also named Nova, was territorial and as a result somewhat aggressive.  I had both owners walk their respective dogs on either side of the road in the same direction so they could get the feel of being a “Pack”.  Then we slowly walked them closer to each other.  With the exception of one short lived scuffle, they actually did well and could become friends if the owners continue these walks.


I told the Drinkman's that they would do well to adopt Nova.  She had wonderful potential for being a permanent part of their  family.  Since they had had the BHD sessions under their belts, I couldn’t think of anyone but them for her permanent owners.  Mission accomplished!

Beau & Co.

Beau, the bird dog that I was called out for was showing unpredictable signs of aggression and had snapped at Cheryle a couple of times when she got her face too close. He had also attacked Bob’s sister, Patti and bitten her deeply when she went to rescue her dog from Beau. This had caused quite a rift in the family from then on. Patti became traumatized by the situation and would not see Bob or Cheryle again, although she maintained verbal phone conversations.

After much discussion with the Robertson’s I realized that Beau, a generally mellow dog, did not do well with a lot of external stimulation and activity around him. He was a more withdrawn dog and was exclusively Bob’s dog for bird hunting purposes, which put more focus on his breed than the animal/dog part of him. This kept him from being a “regular” dog as he grew up.


Since I emitted such a calm-assertive energy, Beau was always fine with me and at the end of our first session I called him over to me and he came with his head down, ears back and put his head in my lap looking up very sweetly at me. I had not spoken to him in any high pitched chatter and had given him his space al day which was what he needed. By the end of the 2nd session I even had Cheryle walking all three of their dogs in tandem with her beautifully. She had stepped up to the plate and taken her proper place as co-leader of their pack.

It was beautiful to see this transformation as the Richardson's completed both the 1st and 2nd session. I had a phone session with Patti the following day and soothed her fears as I described the dynamics behind Beau’s behavior, why things happened the way they did and how to avoid another incident in the future. We even made some video clips of the training and sent them to Bob’s daughter whose dogs are often at their house. There is much hope for a restoration of family ties once again.



Shiro the Hero

Matchmakers Service: 

After a lengthy Phone Consult, followed up by a few more, Chris and I went out on a Saturday to a pet shop that he had found a couple of puppies that he wanted to visit with. I had coached him on how to make introductions without the high pitched excitable behavior towards the puppy. We were lead to an area for the meet and greet and I went in first to demonstrate how to do it. Then Chris came in with the pup and I and I eventually let myself out and observed. He did very well. The puppy, a Pomeranian, had very low energy, which was what we were looking for for Chris. After plenty of time to be sure, he decided that this pup was his and purchased some necessary items along with the pup, whom he named Shiro.

As it turned out the store had sold him a sick puppy, which explained the low energy. I had no way of knowing that there was an illness as they had presented us with a clean bill of health from a recent vet check. After several trips to the vet, Shiro, made it through and became a robust ball of energy and fluffy fur.

After a couple of training sessions via Zoom calls, I came out for the rest of our appointment a few months later and we set up a good plan/protocol that would help get Shiro in check and allow Chris to do his studies so he could graduate from University St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. We established the Structured Walk which Shiro loved and did well at. I showed Chris how to utilized the dog park at his apartment so he wouldn’t have to be nervous about interactions with other dogs they would inevitably meet there. We established boundaries and how to keep them in the apartment giving Shiro the physical and mental draining he needed to be a more calm/balanced dog. Chris had even set up an indoor agility set that he was in the process of training Shiro how to use.
I admire Chris’ willingness to learn from me and do what it takes to raise his dog properly. The same to Shiro for responding like a hero!



Macy ~ Dubious to Delightful

I deeply admired Macy's owners, Henry & Ardella's willingness to do whatever it took to make their situation work.  Ardella had gotten a rescue dog mix without asking Henry.  He was still grieving the loss of their first Dog, Maxi, who had been a near perfect canine-companion for Henry.  When Maxi died, it was a big void and Ardella took the lead in replacing her with Macy before Henry was ready.  Not a functional way to bring a new dog into the home.  They already had a 4 month old puppy named Maggie who was handful enough.  
Macy would have nothing to do with Henry and her avoidance of him became so overt that she started barking, growling and claiming certain parts of the house, particularly the sofa, as her own.  This case took a lot of emotional therapy on my part as well as my usual behavioral work.  There were tears as I lead Henry in forgiving Ardella and encouraged them to embrace and feel the forgiveness coupled with their remaining sorrow over losing Maxi so recently.  
From that point on, the session was lighter and so much easier for us all.  We took the dogs for their first Structured Walk.  They had not been walked at all, so this was so much FUN for them and they did well on leash.  What a tremendous mental and physical drain for them.  When we returned home, we blocked of the couch that Macy had taken over so she had to utilize the other areas of the house for her living space.  We had Ardella walk Macy over to Henry ever so slightly a little at a time.  There was a Dominance Ritual involved so Macy would learn that she did not have the Pack Leadership here.
By the end of that first session, I could tell that Macy wanted to be in Henry’s lap, so I had Ardella put her in his arms where the dog stayed quite peacefully.  She even seemed to have eyes of adoration for Henry!  All of this in just a little over 4 hours!  It was a wondrous transformation.  When I returned for the Follow Through Session 2 weeks later, Henry was sitting on the patio with Macy on leash by him.  The couple had their well thought through list ready to present to me and we reviewed and covered everything that was needful for them to move forward without me present.  They were both very happy and so was I.

Vera's Victory

The Jacobson's were willing to learn and knew that they had to do what it takes for the situation to improve and be able to keep their high energy recently rescued dog, Vera who had showed aggression to visitors coming up to the house, she was very overbearing and unpolite to the family indoors and she absolutely hated their barn cats and wanted to kill them.  

The two boys, particularly Ryan, the youngest (8 years) had wanted Vera despite the better judgement of Rich, the father.  He is the busy owner of multiple businesses and wanted to come home to a peaceful home which was far from the case now that they had adopted Vera. 
As I took the sessions one step at a time, educating them and crafting a solution for how this could work if they cooperated with the plan, we actually enjoyed some fun and laughter both outside and in.  The Structured walk, having Vera run alongside Riley, the 15 year old son on his bike was a a hit.  We spent some time on putting Vera in the Dominance Ritual to which she rewarded us with the surrender and respect that we were looking for.  We used this to help her learn to greet politely at the door when company was coming in.  She learned to walk at side when she was being taken in and out of the house as well as on walks.  I taught her basic obedience commands to get her listening and responding properly to the family.
The time spent was extremely successful, especially to Rich who didn't think it could be achieved.  He would have rather  stayed out of the rehabilitation after I left, but I stressed the importance of his involvement for a balanced, successful outcome.  I know that they have the potential for a good life with Vera IF they are willing to follow the protocol we established for them and her.

Lovely Lena (Anti-Aggressive now)


I got my Papillon,  Lena, as a puppy to be my loveable lapdog, but as time went on she decided to be top dog and I let her.  Her behaviour  became so bad I was thinking I would have to sell her.  She would pull on her leash, sometimes even jerking it out of my hand. She would take food from the little grandkids' hands,  and even worse, she would bite the grandkids.  Lena would not come when I called her. She jumped up on everyone.  She was becoming impossible to live with,  but the last straw was biting the little grandkids.  In desperation I called Candiss.  If Candiss couldn't help,  Lena would have to go.  Our first session was unbelievable.  Lena no longer pulled on her leash, but walks beside me. She stays right beside my when going up the stairs and does not forge ahead, even if off leash. We are working on the "sit, down, stay, come".  But best of all, Lena does not bite the grandkids.  We had one incident where she opened her mouth against one of them, but I  put the bite on her, and there has been nothing since. 

I am amazed!  Candiss gave me hope. I will be able to keep my Lena. 

Thank you, Candiss!


Sandy Falde, Beldenville, WI

Rescuing Raleigh

Thank you again for all that you have taught us, Candiss! We appreciate it more than you know.
Please see below for our testimonial:
We contacted Candiss at Behavioral Help for Dogs to complete an Obedience Commands course. Not only was it very convenient (she comes to your house), but she was able to schedule us right away. She took the time to get to know us and our *pup, Raleigh, along with giving us tips on how to incorporate our other pups into the training. She taught us techniques to make seemingly impossible behaviors improve fairly quickly. We took Raleigh for a walk, which was the first walk we ever took where he didn't pull our arms out of their sockets! I see Raleigh becoming the perfect pup with us using the teachings from Candiss. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend Candiss in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything!  :-)
*(The term "Pup' is being used here as a term of endearment by the owner.  Raleigh was a 1 year old at the time of our session; Reese 9 years and Cooper 13 years.)  
Brad & Shannon Gardebrecht, Hammond, WI

A Better Bucky

Thank you, Candiss, for helping us enjoy walks again with our stubborn beagle, Bucky.  We also appreciate your being more intentional about activities we do with him, as well as ways we communicate with him.  We no longer need to repeat a command 10 times before he actually listens.  Spending those 4 hours with you gave us confidence, which in turn caused our beagle to respond better to our commands.  Overall he has become a much better dog and I feel I can enjoy him again without feeling stressed out by his presence.  We appreciate all the patience you had with the kids that evening and all the things you taught us about our cute but once-stubborn beagle.
Blessings to you and may the Lord give you favor wherever you go!
The Murphy's,  Roseville, MN

From Ferocious to Friendly

We called Candiss to give us some much needed help with our newly rescued Terrier mix, Fez, who had fear aggression issues and was biting.  We were very desperate.  Through Candiss' help with Fez our our other 3 small dogs, I can say - thank God - things are progressing positively!  He is socializing much better and has made friends in particular with one of our dogs named Bella.  He is getting more comfortable here in his new home.  We still have some work ahead of us, but with God's grace, we feel more equipped now to help him stop the biting and nipping, which has already subsided greatly.  To be able to give him a bath and trim his hair during the second session was more than we could have expected!  Thank you, Candiss,  for your help.


Richard & Jacy, Baker

Ellsworth, WI

Raucus to Restful

Candiss gave us terrific advice and help with our ongoing training of90 pound, 8 month old Shepherd, Rocky and 70 pound, 9 year old Weimaraner,  Dodger. The Sessions were intended as 'train the owner' as well as general help with manners and learning their place for the dogs.  The goal was to learn techniques to help the dogs get along together, with us and avoiding issues with our horses.  Candiss was incredibly calm and showed us that it isn't necessary to be loud and overbearing to gain control and respect from our dogs.  

Thank you, Candiss! :-)


~Kevin and Jennifer Luke 

 Emerald, WI

Buzzy the Blessing

Buzzy's transformation was overnight.  I was sceptical when Candiss was here conducting the session, but everything I wanted to see change him was what I got!  He no longer stops and sniffs and marks everything we pass by when we go on the walk.  He stays right beside me, too, and does not pull.  For the first time, walking him is a pleasure.  He also stays in the yard with me when I am gardening and doesn't run after other dogs as they pass by.  I am feeding him as an event and not a smorgasbord style, which is going very well.  Smaller portions twice a day, rather than one big bowl once a day.  He is eating well.  I am excited to try all the other things Candiss taught me, too.  It was worth hiring her to come out.  I have an obedient dog now, because I know how to be his leader.  :-) 


Martha Patchnik

Crystal, MN

From Havoc to Hero

Before our Behavioral sessions with Candiss. We have 11 months year old boxer name Hank that did not come when he was called. It was a game "catch me if you can". We have one neighbor that has complained about dogs chasing deer and we did not want to go down that path so we search for a Dog Trainer and found Candiss' card at our vet’s office. My husband gave her a call and we became her client. I still cannot believe what we learned from Candiss. It was so simple and easy to work with Candiss.  She made me and my husband a leader for our boxer. What a difference in our dog.  We call him now and most of the time he comes running back, if he does not come back we walk towards him and he comes right back. Its amazing how he sees us as a leader now and is listening to us not trying to play a game.  When he does not listen to what we say, we perform the Dominance Ritual on him - what a powerful tool. It gives our confidence back as dog owners.  He just want to please afterwards. It's amazing how well behaved he is now. We cannot say enough about Candiss and how well our boxer, Hank, is now. 


JR & Cindy Haley

River Falls, WI

Mellowing Miles

We love our adopted Bluetick Coon Hound, Miles.  He came from a background where he missed out on socialization and connection as a young pup, but we thought we got him soon enough where we wouldn't have any troubles assimilating him to life as a pet.  While he is very good with just us, his fear based aggression ran deep, and he was very reactive to other people and dogs to the point where he was a bite risk.  We tried everything we could think of to get him used to surroundings and strangers and different situations, such as going slow, lots of rewards, puppy training, obedience, nose work to keep him busy, and nothing would stick.  He would still react very strongly and aggressively towards others.  We can't be with him all the time, and were at a point that my husband and I couldn't go away and leave him in the care of anyone else because he would react and possibly hurt someone or another dog.  
Candiss was the first stranger that could come into our house, sit on our couch, and interact with Miles without him acting aggressive towards her or growling and biting.  It was absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't have believed it was possible in one session, much less in the beginning of it.  By the end of that session, he was wagging his tail and even licking her face.  Honestly, it was astounding, and gave me hope.
Since then, we've been using the tools and methods Candiss has shown us, and while progress is slow, it is steady.  We have have our neighbor and a few other kids stop by to interact with Miles, and he hasn't reacted to any of them; he can be walked by them, fed by them, and we do not fear he will bite them.  I'm looking forward to the continued progression with Miles, and just to see him more comfortable with other people makes my heart so happy; I want him to have a full, positive life as a member of our family, and we are on our way!
It was such a positive experience and worth every penny for these successes and wonderful moments with Miles.
Thank you so much, Candiss, for making it possible!
Brandon & Tiffany Miller,  Eau Claire, WI 

Leapin' Lambeau

We had Candiss come out to help us with our Springer Spaniel, Lambeau.  We needed to learn ways to have him relate to our older springer better, since he is a very high energy dog.  We also needed to learn how to be the leaders of our "Pack" and keep him under control.  Candiss is calm and assertive.  She gave us insight to how our dogs think. We would recommend her to anyone.  She truly wants to help dogs and their owners.


Thank you Candiss!!


Renee Fernette & Kim Haldane,  Prescott, WI

Hold on Harley!

We had a number of issues with our coonhound, Harley. Candiss was amazing with her deep insight and understanding of dog behavior AND human behavior!  We discovered we were creating some of the issues ourselves and we didn't know it! We have seen dramatic improvement on how Harley behaves on walks and people coming to the door,  obeying commands, etc.  I highly recommend Candiss to anyone struggling with behavior issues in their dogs!


Mary Johnson,  Hudson, WI

Good Gus


















We have a 4 1/2 month old Labradoodle named Gus who was a puppy when we called Candiss out for her "Start 'em out Right ~ Puppies!" Service. Gus is a very high energy dog and so different from our last dog which was a calm black lab.  Candiss helped us learn techniques that would enable us to be the "Pack Leaders" which enabled us to keep Gus under control.  These techniques, especially the "Structured Walk" have proved to be most helpful.  Her experience with dog behavior is amazing and we highly recommend her services.  Thank you, Candiss!  :-)


John & Margie Stevens, Hastings, MN

Still Stellar

Just wanted you to know, that Dusty is now an ESA! I can take him into just about any store, and he behaves beautifully! (Ok, so fast food restaurants are not the best idea!) Come next January, he is going to fly out to N. Carolina with the cabin of the plane, on my lap.  A couple years ago, I took him out to the West Coast, so he could chase seagulls on the beach, and on a couple of easy mountain trails....When he wants to get a bit aggressive with other dogs, I put him into the submissive position, followed by a walk and that works pretty well.
I have a 4 yr.-old granddaughter who thinks Dusty is her little brother.....they adore each other! And so much of this is because of what you taught me! Thank you, Candiss! 


~Eileen Petaya, Ellsworth, WI

Pit bull a pussy cat now

We want to say thank you to Candiss for our day with our Dogs.


Princess is a 11 year old Peekapoo and Bella is a 3 year old Pit Bull. We did not think there was much we could do with this mix of age, size, breeds and personalities. Boy, were we wrong. We realized how we all had to work together as a family to condition them and the environment. The walking has been enjoyable for all and they actually are listening to "no." We are now controlling our over-excited dogs much better already in one week.


Simple, yet sensible, thorough techniques that Candiss teaches really make sense and really work! Thank you for involving the entire family in a memorable day. Before, during and after the services you were "perfecto!" We really appreciate your zeal and love the photos you sent over as a bonus. We recommend this to all of you debatable's!"


~ Richard & Jackie, Destinie & Montana Geisinger, Princess & Bella (the dogs), Hastings, MN

Calmness, confidence, and consistency...

We had Candiss come out to help us with our schnauzer and schnoodle and were given a lot of great ways to train ourselves to be good dog owners. Calmness, confidence and consistency is key. Candiss went above and beyond with compassion and patience. I would recommend her to others for she is a wonderful caring woman who wants to help dogs and their owners. Thank you Candiss!!


~ Pleased customer, Brenda Mireau

Friendly With Food Now

Our experience with B.H.D. was a positive and enlightening experience that we thoroughly enjoyed. Candiss was very professional and pleasant to be around.


She taught us techniques and tips to help us curb our brown lab, Bear's, aggression issues. Since our sessions, we have been working with him, and his aggression towards Lauren has declined substantially. He is now looking to us for direction, walking better, and generally improving every day. He still has some food aggression, but we are using the techniques that Candiss taught us, and he is improving.


We recommend to others who have problems with their pets to use BHD for help.


~ Travis & Lauren Terhell, St. Paul Park, MN 

Frantic Fritz Falls in Line

Before our "Behavioral HELP for Dog's" session, my husband, Sam and I lived for 2+ months of what I call misery. It would start when we arrived home with our very spirited German Wire Hair puppy, Fritz, every night after having him at work with us all day. Our sweet wolf/chow/lab mix, named "G’" was Fritz's main target. Fritz would jump on G's head, bark, bite at G's face, chase the Jack the cat (Fritz's 2nd target), bite at me, jump on things, etc. He never relented. It was seriously stressful. We had had many dogs before, but had never encountered this extreme type of behavior. I did not know if I was up for the task


When we had Candiss out for our session, I couldn't believe that she also included my parents and brother, plus our dog G, for no extra charge. Actually, she strongly encouraged us to have everyone who was part of Fritz’s "Pack" to be there.


Amongst other things, we were trained how to do a structured walk with Fritz to bond him to us and drain his nervous energy. We also worked on obedience commands. We learned a simple blocking technique and the dominance ritual that would help us protect G and Jack from Fritz. Candiss showed us how to give Fritz and G a full body dog massage and explained when the proper time to give them affection is. There was a structured Q & A portion and we were relieved to have our whole list of questions answered! We can now email/phone her with any other questions about Fritz we have throughout his life as part of the package.


During our follow up session (included in her price) Candiss took that opportunity to introduce us to obstacle course ideas to burn off some of Ftitz's high energy, which he adapted to readily. ONLY 12 days after the seminar, Fritz is listening to our commands, he walks/heals with Sam and I, so his energy is focused on those things, rather than the negative biting, barking, jumping, etc. Now that, now that we are interacting with Fritz correctly, I can honestly say, he is a JOY! A far cry from where we started.


~ Leah & Sam Miller, G, and Jack the cat, Nesbitt's Nursery, Prescott, WI

Fearful to Fearless

When our daughter moved home with her two Shepherd-Lab mixes, we were forced to give up one of her two dogs. The remaining dog, Shaggy, had issues.


Having had no opportunity to learn how to get in touch with his innate animal/dog instincts in AZ, Shaggy came to us afraid of people in general, men more than women and me specifically. He would cower when I approached and pee when I reached for him. Even with food in my hand I couldn't come near him. I was the one who let him out to pee someplace other than the carpet, but struggled get him back in the house. Typically, in approximately 10 minutes, Shaggy would finally run into the house and hide. Wiping up dog pee and living with a dog that cowered when I walked past him was unnerving, frustrating and on the fringes of depressing.


My daughter and wife called in Candiss from B.H.D. to analyze our situation and recommend a course of action. Candiss spent time listening, asking, probing and contemplating. She made suggestions, offered advice, corrected errors in our thinking and offered encouragement in places where we were doing the right thing. We implemented the suggestions and within two days, Shaggy, a dog that peed on the floor at the sight of me, was coming when I called him. Within two weeks he was sitting at my feet and playing with me.


Candiss is a 'Truth Speaking' person who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She works to heal relationships between dogs and people, dogs and dogs as well as people and people. I found her visit to both figuratively and literally, a God send.


~ Tom & Donna Winkler, Prescott, WI 

From Growiling to Good Girl

Going back to work after a long bout with cancer, gave me a new issue to work with in my lab mix, Oreo. She had become protective of me and started to growl at the clients when they came in to my hair salon. That’s when I called Candiss in. After just a couple hours working with us at the shop, I learned that in Oreo’s case, an electric collar would be very effective. She responds very well to just the tone button.


Candiss taught us how important structured walks were with her as well. She is a smart dog with a lot of energy and needs to keep busy. Working with Candiss, we also have calmed Oreo. She knows there are quiet times and when we tell her "no" and "go lay down", she does now.


My son and daughter in law even took her home for 3 days. They said Oreo was great for them and with their new puppy. I take her to the nursing home almost weekly and she is getting better with that, too. She listens to me better now than my kids ever did. I wish I had met Candiss before I had children!!


Candiss taught us that it is up to us to teach the dog how we want it to react - and it can be done. She has some great advice, DVD's and book suggestions. I used to think it was the dog….now I know it is the owner that needs the training!


~ Cyndi Cashman, The HAIRitage Salon, Prescott, WI

Puppy Mill Prize

About one year ago, we adopted a fawn colored Chihuahua from a local adoption agency. After we fell in love with Bella Blu, we were made aware that she was rescued from a puppy mill and soon after found out about all of the horrors that can be attached with this type of adoption. Her age was estimated at three years with no health or personal records.


After a couple of weeks of unsuccessful potty training and frustration, we contacted Candiss who was referred by our sister-in-law, Lisa. A few days later, she came out to our house. Her friendliness was soon sensed by Bella and within a half-hour training commenced. First starting with a massage to gain trust and then a nice walk in the backyard with a real (training) leash. The training was not all about Bella. They reminded us that we are Bella's leader's and that calm assertive behavior on our part is a necessity.


Approximately, six weeks after their visit, dramatic changes were obvious. Bella knows where to potty, (outside only) knows what time breakfast and dinner are, knows treats are for special occasions and when crated has no more separation anxiety.


Thanks again, Candiss! Please use us as a reference anytime.


~ David & Kathleen Biedron, Lakeville, MN 

No more jumping on the guests

Our miniature Schnauzer, Zoey, has improved greatly with her behavioral issues of pulling while on leash, jumping on guests and actually performing the verbal commands of sit, down, stay, and come, It has now gotten to the point where she will automatically sit when leaving the entrance to our home and upon returning to re-enter.


We are very pleased with the decision we made to use the service of Behavioral HELP for Dogs! and your idea to take Zoey on walks using a bike. She just loves it when the bike comes out of the garage she is sitting waiting to have a leash put on in the driveway. She stays right beside the bike while one of us rides it with her leash in our hand. She keeps up nicely.


Thanks for your help with our Zoey!


~ Pete & Pam Huppert, Huppert & Associates, Ellsworth, WI

From Grizzly Bear to Teddy Bear

Candiss, it was great to meet you and watch you turn my Grizzly into a teddy bear. Thank you for showing me how to stop the dogs from barking like crazy when someone stops over. We are enjoying working with the dogs on the things you have taught us. I could not believe the difference in both dogs when you left, and they sure slept good that night. Looking forward to working with you again! Thank you.


~ Linda Seifert, Prescott, WI

In Control of Cassie

Cassie, our yellow lab, is doing well on leash and is even staying when we tell her to sit as we drop the leash and walk away. Her problem barking is improving slowly. She has toned it down to a mutter most times and will stop after I have corrected her. Both Bill and I have put her in a dominance ritual a few times for the aggressive rushing at people that she occasionally exhibits.


We have concentrated the work on Cassie until she leaves to be with Jeremy and Jess. Onyx, the black shepherd, enjoys her walks and I have managed to get them both to walk one on either side of me on leash with minimal correction. That in itself is a pleasant change.


We hope to have Cassie fully in her new home by winter. Consistency is the key and I don't know if I could have gotten all of us on board without your help. Thanks so much.


~ Vicki Pavlish, Hastings, MN

No More Danger with Dusty

I've been working with my Dusty dog, yes, two structured walks a day! Got the harness you suggested. He loves it! Thanks! He is making progress, especially at the front door of the house. He gets very excited, but I can now get him to go and lay on his rug. We are making good eye contact at meal times. We do play with a no-squeak tennis ball - no more of the "aggressive" toys. I got a pinch collar and it is definitely an improvement.


Pretty soon, I’ll be getting him a doggie back-pack. We spent a few hours in the back yard working on a project (his job) to walk beside me, and to lie down and wait until I was ready to go back to the shed. He did exactly what I asked of him!! I was totally amazed!


Thanks for all the tips and things you taught me, as Dusty is looking to me for leadership a bit more all the time. You are wonderful!


~ Eileen Petaja, Ellsworth, WI

Calming the Storm

Thanks so much for all you did with Dozer! It has helped quite a bit to see him calm down from his originally rambunctious self. Also, the DVD's were a great idea. It is nice to have those and see how you accomplished so much in such a short time. His owner was quite pleased with everything and Dozer is behaving MUCH better."


~ Deb Danko, Prescott, WI for owner John, Red Wing, MN

Barney can Blend in now

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how nice it was to meet you at Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet in Red Wing, MN and to thank you for spending time with Barney and giving us some training tips. First of all, the prong collar seems to have made a big positive improvement in her behavior. The walks are going better and her response has been positive. Yesterday I ran into the couple with two dogs that has allowed us to walk with them and again later they agreed to let us walk with them, also. They commented on how they couldn't believe this was the same Barney they meet three short walks ago.


Even though they use different training techniques with their dogs, everyone is getting along and we are walking together as a pack. Wayne has been walking her after he gets home at night and what a difference that has made in their relationship. The results have been just like you said with her being more balanced with us. Last night the training classes ended here in Lake City. The first night we were asked to stay at the back of the class. Well, six short weeks later Barney was comfortable being next to boxers and pit bulls. I told Wayne two weeks ago that I can't believe this is the same dog.


I think we finally understand how to establish rules, boundaries and limitations for her and she can now relax since she knows them also.


~ Wayne & Donna Schwirtz, Lake City, MN

Loving Linus

The most valuable outcome of our sessions with Behavioral HELP for Dogs! were:


  • Understanding the importance of and technique for walking our dog, Linus, in a disciplined way. He is a great little walker now, and is not easily distracted from the task.
  • Getting Linus to interact appropriately with the larger, older dogs in the family. He no longer jumps and nips at their faces and is able to be around them without being so rambunctious.
  • Understanding that every member of the family including grandchildren must be pack leaders so Linus does not take charge.
  • He is still somewhat stand-offish with the children, but they can walk and pet him with no problems. He has also started to play with them which was a big step. Originally he did not seem to know how to chase a ball or toy and instead would run and hide. Little by little he is starting to "get it".


Thanks for your great advice!


~ Steve & Marilyn Lawrence, Red Wing, MN

Princess' Puppy Training

Just wanted to let you know just how thrilled we've been with your "New Puppy" training class that we took with you before we brought home our new puppy, Princess.


Your consultation, advice and training has been invaluable in every aspect of training our new puppy. It has made potty training a breeze! I'd love to say she's accident free, but she is definitely on her way after only 2 weeks!! We are also doing well with walking on a leash and the come and sit commands!!


We look forward to our final session when Princess gets a little bit older. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! for the class and training. I don't think I could have done it without you and will definitely recommend this type of training to anyone getting a new puppy!!


~ Kris, Parker & Princess Sampson, Croix Insurance, Prescott, WI

Charlie Brown Came Around

Candiss did a phenomenal job with Charlie Brown, not to mention the wonderful words and ideas that she gave me and my family on how to deal with our puppy, Charlie Brown and even my son Noah (5 years old). She also worked, inadvertently, with the 2 other dogs in our house.

Charlie Brown, is a great dog, this was known and felt when we got him, but Candiss gave us the tools to mold him into an even better dog that we already knew he was.


~ Jennifer Meyer, Red Wing, MN

Managing Munch

"Last year we decided to get a puppy. We agreed that we would seek some help in learning how to start off on the right foot in learning the ins and outs of how to raise our new family. Candiss has been with us from prior to finding our little guy to this day. The information that she has provided us with has been invaluable and helped us with situations that have come up this past year and also things that may arise in the future. We started off in the right direction and our little "Munch" continues to grow into a well behaved dog. Thanks so much! "


~ John and Deb Sherman, The Arbor Inn Bed and Breakfast, Prescott, WI

From Stormy to Serene

"When we had Candiss over for a Behavioral HELP for Dogs! session, our dog, Stormy, was 5 months old. We benefited greatly from her instruction and have appreciated her willingness to stop back for a follow-up.


This was a terrific way to start Stormy out right in his young life, as well as undo some mistakes we had unwittingly made early on that were already contributing to his issues. We are very pleased.


~ Gary & Cindy Reissner, Prescott, WI


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