Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting (includes cats and farm animals)

~ 10 minute visit (potty break, food & water, playtime) - $12.00


~ 25 minute visit - These full visits include a potty break, walk, food & water, full body dog massage, playtime, litter box change (cats) and anything you need that can be done with in the allotted frame of time.   - $30.00 


1) Behavioral Help for Dogs!

This is my most sought after service.  Very effective.


Excessive barking, jumping up, separation anxiety, fearfulness, dog or human aggressive, car chasing, urinating in the house, hyper active, digging up the yard, overbearing, mouthing, charging past you at the door, not coming when called.  The list can be endless, can't it?.


If any of these symptoms depict your dog's behavior, then you are in the right place. The end goal is to successfully assist you in eradicating those unwanted behaviors and attain a more amicable relationship with your dog, restoring harmony to your family, home and neighborhood. Very effective! This is my most sought after service.


In this 4 hour session, you will glean a broad understanding of your dog’s innate make up and what makes them tick - (learning to treat your canine as a dog, which brings out the best in them and not as a human, which causes negative issues in the dog). Learning to treat your canine family member as an animal/dog allows them to respond appropriately to you, thus producing a more compliant dog who gives you the relationship with them that you are looking for.


Approximately 2-4 weeks after the first session, there is a 4 hour Follow Through Session at your home  to review what you've learned, field areas that need trouble shooting and continue on with more instruction. 


Price includes: Training session and 2+ hour follow through session described above . There will be a 15 minute break half way through the 4 hour session.  Also included: How to master the structured walk; Obedience commands; Full body dog massage; Curriculum w/answer key; Information packet; Phone and email follow up, initiated by you, for the lifetime of the dog.  There is no charge for the initial phone interview.

2) Obedience Commands Only

Only need the Obedience Commands for your canine?  In this 3 hour Service, I will instruct you and your pup or adult dog in how it is done.  No need to drag it out for weeks on end.  When we are finished, you will have the skills to carry these exercises out with your dog(s) on a daily basis, which is optimum for the good behavior you are looking for from your dog back to you.  I will be incorporating behavioral training during this service as I see the need arise for it, but we are primarily focusing on the Obedience Commands in this Service.

3) Start 'Em Out Right ~ Puppies!

In working with your family and new pup at your home, this 3-hour service plus a 3 hour Follow Through Session covers the A to Z's in raising a puppy: Basic Obedience Commands instruction; Preparing pup to be handled by the vet & groomer; correct collar and leash for you to use specific to your puppy at varying times in his/her life, potty training, crate training, the food event and sleeping arrangements.  When I leave, you will have a good understanding of what to do during the first critical two weeks and beyond.


Also included: Don’t let that adorable ball of fur equipped with puppy breath fool you! Unwanted behaviors can and do arise if you are not prepared with this essential information in raising your puppy. That is why in this session, you will also learn the innate make-up of a dog (same techniques as the Behavioral HELP for Dogs! Service above). This will aid you in becoming your pup’s Leader, so those unwanted behaviors that they can take on without this important element do not present themselves in the years to come.


Price includes: Training session and Follow Through Session, both described above.  Also covered: How to master the structured walk; "Innate make-up of a dog - what makes them tick"; Full body dog massage, Study Guide/Curriculum, Information Packet and phone/email contact initiated by you until your puppy is one year old. There is no charge for the initial phone interview.


This service is for puppies under 7 1/2 months old.

4) Matchmaker's Service ~ Finding the Right Dog for You

Finding that match made in heaven is the key to a harmonious relationship with your dog for all the years that it will be a member of your family.  


In this service, I will accompany you through the entire process of bringing the family together to decide if you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning a dog.  Once that is established through a series of strategic questions, we will move on to  choosing your new dog, picking him up and bringing him home. Whether it is a pup from a breeder or it is a dog from a shelter, rescue, or 2nd party, I will lead you through each phase of the process to make the transition into your home smoother for both you and your new dog.


Once at your home, I will do some immediate training even before bringing your new dog in the house (excluding extreme temperatures). I will demonstrate the proper way to bring the dog into your home and acquaint it with your house and the family members.  There will be a mini-Behavioral HELP for Dogs! Session also included in this service.


Extra’s covered:  Potty training, crate training, the food event and sleeping arrangements, as well as conditioning techniques that will prepare your pup or adult dog to be comfortable being handled at the vet and groomer.  When I leave, you will have a good understanding of what to do during the first critical two weeks and beyond.


Whether it takes several days, weeks, or months, to locate and bring your new dog home, this service is not complete until the entire process is done.


There is no charge for the initial phone interview. Service includes a study guide, resource sheet and unlimited phone and email connection with me for the lifetime of the dog.


  1. "Behavioral HELP for Dogs"
  2. "Start ‘Em Out Right ~ Puppies!"
  3. "Adopting a Dog Through a Shelter or Rescue"


In each 4 hour seminar, the all important structured walk is featured using live demo dogs; (depending on the location, you may be able to bring your own dog or pup to class); hands on experience; obedience commands; collar & leash training; understanding the innate make up of a dog - what makes them tick and how to treat them like an dog and not a human, thus bringing out the best in them; dog's issues & the appropriate corrections for them; what a day in the life of a dog should look like for your personal situation; trouble-shooting Q&A session.


You will leave this seminar enriched with a much broader understanding of your dog's relational and physical needs, as well as how to achieve the compliance and friendship you require from them. You will also take with you the understanding to eradicate any unwanted behaviors you may be experiencing from your dog. Each seminar is designed to give you the potential to achieve the harmony you desire in your home and your neighborhood with your canine friend for life.


Includes: refreshment breaks, study guide, information packet and phone or email follow-up initiated by you.


  • A user friendly email invoice will be sent to you for cash or credit card payment.  For cash payments, the exact amount quoted will be due on the day of the first session.  Payment via credit card will be due 3 days before the first session.  Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted. 
  • Gratuities are accepted, but not required.
  • No refunds after the sessions begin
  • Change will not be made
  • No personal checks



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All training is performed at the client's home.

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