Although accidents are rare, and I will do everything we can to provide conscientious service to you and your pets, Behavioral HELP for Dogs! LLC (B.H.D.) is not liable for the following:

Behavioral HELP for Dogs! & Start ‘em out Right ~ Puppies! Services

  • Injuries or illnesses that your pet incurs on or outside of your property
  • Escape of your pets not due to negligence on our part
  • Injuries, disease, illness transmitted by your pet to ourselves, or any persons or animals participating in the session(s) before or after the session(s)


B.H.D. is not liable for any injuries that may occur to students and their dogs in the seminars, or with their dog(s) at home in using the techniques learned at the seminar. This also includes any dog that the student may use these techniques on in the future and any of the people around the student and the dog(s) at that time. Any demo dogs being used in seminar and their owners are also exempt from liability.

Matchmaker Service

  • Pets you select that may incur physical or behavioral disabilities of any kind.
  • Pets you select that may cause injury to any person or another animal.
  • Pets you select that have defects, injuries or illnesses.
  • Travel accidents or on site injuries during the selection process.



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For more information, please contact Candiss at:  or  715.220.5045.


All training is performed at the client's home.

  • IACP Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Registered in Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Insured


Monday thru Saturday:

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